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Implementation of BS VI norms for emission in automotive sector will witness many fold changes in fuel injection technology and exhaust equipment in both diesel engine and passenger car segment. This has necessitated the development of high performance long drain energy efficient engine oil which should be compatible with after treatment device. High performance lubricating oils leading to durability of the after treatment devices, improved fuel economy and improved energy efficiency are the need of the market with reduced Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. Our role is also to take care of manufactured materials to last for a long life by recommending the most effective solution to corrosion management possible for storage of products.
To meet the increased requirements on higher efficiency and better functionality of hydraulic systems, new components and system concepts have been developed over the years. However, the most important component in a hydraulic system, which has a major impact on system efficiency and wear are the fluid itself. The last decades, major attention on hydraulic fluid development, have been set upon environmental adaption. Today, energy efficiency has been a hot topic. HPCL has developed high quality high performance hydraulic oils which are energy efficient upto 5% improvements in fuel consumption.
HPCL has developed high quality high performance fully synthetic compressor oils for very high capacity compressors compressing air, LPG and various other gasses. These oils have very long life and eco-friendly. Due to inherent biodegradability prevents land and water pollution if spills in natural bodies.
Various initiatives were taken by HPCL R&D for development metal processing and protecting Oils/lubricants for various prestigious customers like steel plants, metal processing, tire manufacturers, vehicles accessories manufacturers. For this initiative increased use of renewable raw chemicals/additives were sought for reduction in oil consumption and avoid usage of harmful chemicals, and energy efficient technology additives were used. This was carried out by Analyzing, evaluating, and developing and recommending to customers the most effective solution to corrosion management possible. Providing cost-effective product yielding to economic benefit to customers. Various metal protective oils were developed by HPCL to reduce overall oil consumption at the customer end and hence reducing environmental impact. Developed various cutting oils, drawing oils and quenching oils for various prestigious customers to achieve cost effectiveness, longer life, energy efficiency and protection of environment.
Various types of lubricating greases used in various industries for lubrication of bearings and core sector. Due to advancement of industrial growth, speed of machine has grown for higher production demand. As a result, severity in operation has increased. This has necessitated the development of high performance long life greases. Conventional grease is not able to work for longer time. There is a possibility of leakage of greases in environment. There is a need for development of such greases. HPCL R&D has explored the development of high performance long life greases for cement sector. Thus this will increase the life of machine and higher production and less replacement and will protect environment.
HPCL fuels and lubricants pioneer a category of long drain engine oils, hydraulic fluids, greases and other lubricants that help to deliver maximum protection of equipment and extend their life and reduces oil consumption.
A range of HPCL's lubricants for farm tractors and off highway equipment meets biodegradability and non-toxicity in application where leakage or spillage of conventional oils could result in damage to the human life and environment.



Safety, Health and the workplace

Considering the safety, health and environment, we give priority to these values and practice the same, right from manufacturing location, transportation to end users to minimize accidents. We recommend proper storage and handling procedure of lubricants to consumers so that products are used in a safe manner for intended application with greater output to avoid wastage of products. We communicate potential risks and specify proper product management practices to consumers and public.