HP Lubricants manufactures and distributes oils, which cater to a wide array of special applications. These applications range from metal cutting to metal drawing, rust preventives, orchid sprays oils and rubber process oils, among others. HP Lubricants excels in providing ongoing solutions for such special requirements.

Our marketers [distributors] represent our company and products to the public. They drive new product development and provide valuable insights into customers' needs.

Here are a few powerful advantages to becoming an HP Lubricant Marketer: 

  • Partnership with HP Lubricants means an association with the country's largest lubricant marketer.

  • Access to a wide array of marketing events and programs

  • Support from technical and sales personnel at HP Lubricants

  • Extensive online and offline training for sales team

  • Award-winning Distribution Systems

  • Lubricants for a comprehensive list of applications in the Automotive and Industrial sectors

Now is your chance to represent an iconic brand and advance your business.

Download the form below to understand how to become a Distributor.


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