genuine & co-branded oils

HP Lubricants has always been in the forefront in developing and marketing technologically advanced lubricants, as per the market trends.

HP Bajaj Genuine Oils:Among them was the development of India's first two-wheeler engine oil, with the drain period of 10,000 km in close association with Bajaj Auto Ltd., the country’s second largest two-wheeler manufacturers. The co-branded oil is called 'HP Bajaj DTS-i 10000' and conforms to international specifications of API SL and JASO MA2.

There are two variants of HP Bajaj DTS-i 10000:

  1. HP Bajaj DTS-i 10000 '20W40'-
    Recommended for vehicle models Discover DTSi, Platina 125 DTSi, Platina 100 CC and XCD135 DTSi.

  2. HP Bajaj DTS-i 10000 '20W50' -
    Recommended for Avenger 200 DTSi, Pulsar 220/ 180 / 150 DTSi, Discover 135 DTSi and Kristal DTSi.
    These co-branded oils have an extended engine oil drain period of 10,000 km, which in turn increases one's savings on time and money.